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Hello and welcome to Gold Scoops.  We are the makers of the world’s finest Beach Sand Scoops and other fine tools for the treasure-hunting.  Whether in the ground or in the water our products will make it easy for you to find all sorts of wonderful treasure.

Our main scoop factory is located in the city Riga, Latvia (in Europe Union). Wherever you are in the world we will ship you our fine products without hassles and make it easy for you to go about your day hunting for that buried gold, silver, platinum and all the other wonderful hidden wealth out there just waiting to be found!

The fact is we’re Treasure Hunters too, just like you!  Finding long lost loot is our hobby, just like yours, as well as a large portion of our income.  We know how important it is to have high-quality, durable and reliable equipment when you’re out searching and that’s why we make all of our treasure hunting tools to exacting specifications with the best materials like stainless steel.  All of our products are made to be used with professional metal detectors and professional treasure hunters like you.

Please tell us about yourself and give us your email so that we can tell you more about the best Beach Sand Scoops on the planet, Gold Scoops!  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find that treasure!

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