Metal detecting sand scoop to Queensland, Australia

Beach Sand Scoop California – Latest and strongest sand scoop! Strong as stone, for heavy duty works for lakes and beach! Very easily changeable handle! Genuine Stainless Beach Sand Scoop California are designed specially for beach.

Sand Scoop California is made of high quality stainless steel and this metal detector accessory is designed for all metal detecting professionals.

Best scoop for metal detecting shipped to Australia. We shipped out heavy duty and shiny metal detecting beach sand scoop “California scoop” to Queensland in Australia. Thank you Michael!

Detecting metal on the beach is one of the most productive ways to use a metal detector. Beaches attract crowds of people who drop possessions from pockets and frozen fingers onto the constantly shifting sand. Once it’s fallen, they’re unlikely to find it again.

This has been the case since the threat of pirates passed and beaches became popular tourist haunts. You may find a ring that’s been buried for years. Who knows – it’s all part of the game.

Rings are a regular find on beaches throughout the world because cold water and chilling winds create numb fingers – and cold fingers mean rings can slip free.

Loose coins are regular finds on the beach too because undressing, dressing, sitting down and lolling about on the sand tends to empty pockets.

Beach Sand Scoop California