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Stainless Steel Metal Detecting Beach Sand Scoop Indiana 12mm Hex Quick Handle

Enjoy new Stainless Steel scoop with Quick release handle for travel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpY6yMdlISo

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Metal Detecting Stainless Steel Scoop Henry blade

We improved our Stainless Steel Scoop Henry blade! Order there or at our partner stores at eBay!  

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Metal Detecting Sand Scoop Indiana Henry

Metal Detecting Sand Scoop Indiana Henry, Strongest scoop. Latest and Strongest scoop! Strong as stone, for heavy duty works for lakes and beach! Check latest beach scoop video! Sand Scoop Indiana Henry details Stainless Steel Type 304, 2mm Handle diameter: 1.25 inces / 32mm Handle lenght:

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Beach Sand Scoop Indiana Packaging Video

We build stainless steel sand scoops from stainless steel so they will last a lifetime, and we ship them to you practically anywhere in the world. Check our videos and homepage goldscoops.com

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