Why Beach Sand Scoop Indiana are the Best beach sand scoop in the world!

Why Beach Sand Scoop Indiana are the Best beach sand scoop in the world!

If you’re a treasure hunter, spending your days prospecting for the hidden gems that have been lost in the sands (or waters, or dirt) of time, then you know how important it is to have excellent equipment on hand to first find the treasure and then dig it up.

Beach Sand Scoop

The simple fact is that there usually are no treasure maps and no X that marks the spot of where the treasure lies. You’ll need a well-made treasure metal detection device and, when you think you’ve found something, a high-quality scoop to dig it up and get it out.

That’s why we make Beach Scoops to be the best for the job at hand. We manufacture our beach sand scoops to exacting standards using the highest grade materials, including stainless steel. Our beach sand scoops are built to withstand years of digging and never falter, and the stainless steel means that they’ll never rust even if you use them constantly in salt water.

Beach Scoop Indiana

Our scoops use a hexagonal shape that is better than the normal round shape that most beach sand scoops use. This allows the treasure to stay in the scoop while the sand and other debris fall out, leaving just the high value items behind.

The hardware is also made from stainless steel and the handle and other parts from durable, top quality materials that will last for years and years of treasure hunting. The fact is, we’re treasure hunters also and we know how important it is to have a reliable scoop when you’re in the field and far from home. The last thing you need is to have an equipment failure when the treasure is only inches away and waiting to be found.

hexagonal shape

So if you’re looking for the top of the line beach sand scoop on the market, one that won’t let you down and will last for years, do yourself a favor and invest in a scoop from Beach Sand Scoops of Indiana.